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Sasebo Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

Sasebo Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. was established in 1946, with its main center of operations located in the former Sasebo Naval Base. Since that date, the company has expanded its workshops and shipyards to become a heavy industry company with three main departments comprised of Shipbuilding, Machinery, and Steel Structures.
In 1962 the 132,334 DWT crude oil tanker Nissho Maru was delivered, the largest such vessel in the world to that date. Since then, Sasebo has constructed a range of medium and large oil tankers and bulk carriers, as well as a wide variety of ships including highly efficient general cargo ships, bulk carriers, refrigerated cargo carriers, RO-RO ships, container carriers, LPG and LEG vessels, naval ships for the Japanese Defense Agency, and vessels and boats for the Japan Coast Guard.


Ship name: Yard number:

Ship type:

Priamos 303 tanker
Ekavi 304 tanker
Baltic Start 322 reefer
Tasman Start 323 reefer
Stina 324 reefer
Amalia 325 reefer
Golden Trader 330 bulk carrier
Lady Bushra 331 bulk carrier
Raffles 337 bulk carrier
Summer Flower 351 reefer
Splendid Harvest 364 reefer
Southern Harvest 378 reefer
Navios Gemini S 394 bulk carrier
Hellenic Sky 395 bulk carrier
CSK Unity 397 bulk carrier
Rubin Power 406 bulk carrier
Balsa 52 409 general cargo
Balsa 53 410 general cargo
Ekmen 413 general cargo
Balsa 58 427 general cargo
Balsa 59 428 general cargo
Balsa 62 430 general cargo
Ever Blossom 432 bulk carrier
Co-Op Phoenix 445 bulk carrier
Alpha Flame

United Support

447 bulk carrier
Seamaid 451 bulk carrier
Great Wisdom 452 bulk carrier
Christina IV 455 bulk carrier
Balsa 71 457 general cargo
Front Melody 477 tanker
Voyager 479 tanker
Pos Dignity 712 bulk carrier
Clipper Sussex 718 bulk carrier
Good Hope Max 720 bulk carrier
Lowlands Camellia 732 bulk carrier
Nefeli 733 bulk carrier
Pacific Condor 746 tanker
Falcon Express 754 tanker
Kara Sea 768 tanker
Leo Sun 772 tanker
Rosco Banyan 792 bulk carrier
Zoe 814 bulk carrier

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