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Mitsubishi Nagasaki Shipyard & Machinery Works

Mitsubishi Nagasaki Shipyard & Machinery Works was established in 1857 as Japan's first warship repair facility under the name Nagasaki Yotetsusho Foundry.
Since then it has developed two related businesses: shipbuilding & machineries. Mitsubishi Nagasaki has a variety of products such as cruise ships, high-speed freight boats, power generating plants and developing fuel cells.


Ship name: Yard number:

Ship type:


1817 bulk carrier
Tourcoing 1832 ro/ro
Jupiter Diamond 1835 car carrier
Sea-Land Explorer 1852 container
Iolcos Triumph 1859 bulk carrier
Bulk Intrepid 1885 bulk carrier
Olympic 1891 tanker
Catherine 1892 bulk carrier
Nazire 1940 bulk carrier
Athinoula 1941 bulk carrier
Dartagnan 1944 tanker
Kriti Akti 1967 tanker
Taxiarchis I 1970 tanker
Cygnus 1972 car carrier
Andoas 1985 tanker
Morning Melody 2012 car carrier
Catherine Knutsen 2022 tanker
Fair Spirit 2044 tanker
Oval Nova 2060 gas tanker
Green Point 2078 car carrier
Crystal Harmony 2100 passenger ship
Courtenay Bay 2105 vlcc
Echo Star 2108 gas tanker
Taronga 2109 ro/ro
Global Ace 2116 bulk carrier
Oxfordshire 2119 gas tanker
Ever Develop 2122 container ship
Ever Dynamic 2124 container ship
Abu Dhabi 2131 container ship
Eupen 2147 gas tanker
New Century 2 2168 car carrier
Oriental Jade 2195 vlcc
British Commerce 2206 gas tanker
Seri Begawan 2221 gas tanker
Zeus Leader 2254 car carrier
Aidaprima 2300 cruise ship
Aidaperla 2301 cruise ship
Ramform Hyperion 2309 research survey vessel

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