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Iwagi Zosen

Iwagi Zosen was affiliated by Imabari Shipbuilding in 1983. In 2002 a new drydock was built at the Iwagi yard.


Ship name: Yard number:

Ship type:

Synergy 118 tanker
Atlantic Mermaid 146 reefer
Maud 147 reefer

Antarctic Mermaid

148 reefer
Grace 151 reefer
Crown Garnet 165 reefer
Crown Ruby 171 reefer
Crown Sapphire 172 reefer
Wild Jasmine 175 reefer
Elsebeth 178 reefer
Esmeralda 179 reefer
Elvira 182 reefer
Sagar 185 container
Asian Zephyr 196 container
Akama 220 tanker
Pacific Oasis 222 tanker
Global Island 228 bulk carrier
Challenge Prospect 235 tanker
Nord Independence 273 tanker
Leopard 274 tanker
FS Sincerity 281 tanker
Pacific Jewel 282 tanker
Maersk Miyajima 288 tanker
Carina 292 tanker
Ikan Salmon 318 bulk carrier

this page is part of the Duivendijk site